Actress Son Ye Jin had the best of both worlds, and filmed with So Ji Sub in Be With You and Jung Hae In in Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain). Let’s take a look at each celebrity couple’s on-screen chemistry!

Chemistry between the celebrity couples play a huge role in a drama’s success. Son Ye Jin attributes much of Something in the Rain’s success to her synergy with Jung Hae In. “I hoped my partner would be someone I could fall in love with, and he was … After reading the script, I had an image of my partner in my head. Strangely, he was exactly how I’d pictured Joon Hee to be,” she recalled.

As for Be With You, Son Ye Jin immediately thought of So Ji Sub when she read the script. “I wanted So Ji Sub oppa to play Woo JIn from the get-go … So Ji Sub oppa and Woo Jin had a lot in common. After So Ji Sub oppa confirmed to star, I thought we could say we'd half succeeded,” the actress explained, adding that, “It rings true for all films but especially for melodramas, chemistry between the main leads is so important, because the audience paints a different picture depending on the actors.”

On a last note, what’s the likelihood of these celebrity couples actually dating? For Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In, everyone thought they were going out in real life. “I’ve even heard, ‘I know you guys aren’t dating, but I wish you were.’ It felt good knowing that our performance had great delivery,” the actor recalled. Son Ye Jin speculates everyone’s wish came from the romantic kiss scenes in ‘Something in the Rain.’ “Many fans found it relatable when Jin Ah and Joon Hee whispered the talks of love [and kissed] in front of each other’s house, in the elevator, and such,” she explained.

Son Ye Jin doesn’t view marriage as the ultimate expression of love. But if she were to view So Ji Sub as a marriage material, she would go for it. “I wouldn’t dislike living with a husband with So Ji Sub’s personality,” she said, to which So Ji Sub replied, “I haven’t even imagined what you’d be like as a wife.”

So who would you pick? What’s your final verdict? Please comment below!

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Something in the Rain

Starring Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In

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