In the first few teasers for Oh My Venus, I was feeling pretty doubtful about how it was supposed to be a makeover show when Shin Min Ah still looked perfectly fit and gorgeous, but in the new trailer, we finally see a glimpse of the transformed Shin Min Ah (still gorgeous despite the fat suit and makeup), and witness So Ji Sub's determination to return her to her glory days. 

Oh My Venus is about Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah), who in an effort to support her family, has become a workaholic lawyer without any regard for her personal well being. Overweight, unattractive and depressed at the prime of her life, Joo Eun comes across Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub), a renowned personal trainer who considers health a deeply personal calling. Can Young Ho and his stubborn perfectionism whip Joo Eun’s body—and heart—back into shape?


Based on the trailer, it looks like So Ji Sub has a soft spot and longs for her right from the start. 

The new posters play up the sassy relationship between personal trainer and trainee, as well as introduce the other main characters played by Jung Gyu Woon, who plays Shin Min Ah's ex-boyfriend and So Ji Sub's childhood rival, and Yoo In Young, who plays Shin Min Ah's best friend who steals her boyfriend.

Stills show an adorably plump Shin Min Ah and a handsome suit-clad So Ji Sub. 

It looks like the pair have a very caring relationship from the start. I enjoy having a male lead who isn't a jerk now and then! 

And here we have sexy Sung Hoon, in case So Ji Sub isn't guy candy enough! He plays So Ji Sub's friend and fellow personal trainer, which means double the abs! CHOCOLATE ABS EVERYWHERE!

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