My Shining Girl is the name of a KBSDrama production that’s been flying under the radar — or at least, my radar — but here we have a first look at it with its promo poster, featuring So Yi-hyun in the lead role. Hm, maybe that’s why I haven’t been paying attention; she was terribly dull as the former ballerina and mopey dance teacher in You’ve Fallen For Me.

Let’s hope she does better as the lead character, and a cheerier one this time. She’ll play a rookie writer in a broadcast station’s variety department, named Jeon Ji-hyun. That’s on purpose, right? You don’t name a character Angelina Jolie without meaning to, after all. The Korean title of this drama is patterned after the Korean title of My Sassy Girl, in another subtle echo.

In any case, Jeon Ji-hyun joins the broadcast team and will get caught in a love triangle between a star PD and a top star. Why am I suddenly picturing Seung-gi and Na PD fighting over a woman?

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