So Young 2: Never Gone stars Kris Wu (Formally of EXO) and Liu Yi Fei who meet each other at school and instantly there is an connection between with them. The two fall in love and try to keep their relationship strong, but they soon drift their separate ways. Will their undying love for each other bring them back together again? Join Jazmine and I as we discuss this and other topics in the film So Young 2: Never Gone.

DeShonda: This movie was not what I expected at all! There were some things that surprised me,w but overall I thought it was a good film. I really liked Su Yunjin’s character and how Cheng Zheng help her in school improve her math. I thought that was very nice of him to do that. But then things really turned crazy when Cheng Zheng got really possessive. I guess she shouldn’t have kissed him so soon after their prom. I understand that he was expressing his love for her, but he was a bit scary. What did you think about their relationship?

Jazmine: This movie wasn’t what I expected either. I wanted a lot more but didn’t get it. I ended no liking the movie in general. Su Yunjin was a meek little thing but I could deal with her. Cheng Zheng was the problem and his possessiveness. He almost assaulted her many times (especially in the bedroom scene!). He was emotionally manipulative and abusive as well. Their relationship was not a healthy one. I did not approve.

DeShonda: I agree! That relationship was not going well at all. He was borderline stalking Su Yunjin as well. It seems like everywhere she went he would find her. I was very scared for her whenever she was around him, epically in that bedroom scene. I was very hopeful when a few years later she was working at the library with that handsome young man. I really wanted them to be together because he seemed to really care for her. He was a better match for her than Cheng Zheng. But of course, guess who comes along and messes that relationship up…..Cheng Zheng. I was so annoyed when he got in between them. I knew that the good looking library guy would not stay around.

Jazmine: I like the library guy too! I don’t know why Cheng Zeng got in-between them. It was so annoying. However, I guess in the end So Yunjin dodged a bullet because the library guy ended up being a total jerk and getting married to Cheng Zeng’s sister - which really threw me for a loop. Why would he do that? Like he had a pretty terrible character development throughout the movie.

DeShonda: I must admit I did not see that coming at all. I was shocked when Cheng Zheng’s sister ending up marrying the library guy. You are right though, Su Yunjin did dodge a bullet big time. I believe that the reason why Cheng Zheng got in between Su Yunjin and the library guy is because of pure jealousy. He is so possessive and he had the “If I can’t have you nobody will” sense about him. Speaking of jerks, I did not like how Su Yunjin’s friend ended up being treated by the guy she was with. Cheng Zheng’s friend was wrong for hurting her feelings like that, but I knew he was up to something when she checked his phone in the car.

Jazmine: If anyone had the interesting story in this movie it was Su Yujin’s friend. I genuinely felt sorry for her and what she had to go through. I’m not surprised that Cheng Zeng’s friend turned out to be a jerk too I mean they were friends after all. My favorite thing about Su Yujin’s friend is that she got away from her toxic situation. Su Yujin didn’t and that was my biggest problem with her.

DeShonda: You make a good point Jazmine about the difference between Su Yujin and her friend. I was really hoping that Su Yujin would get out of her relationship with Cheng Zheng because I can tell that a part of her was getting tired of him. But Cheng Zheng really showed his true colors when Su Yujin needed money because her mother was ill. That way that entire scene went down with her uncle embezzling money, and Su Yujin stressing out about it made me feel sorry for her. I did not expect her to go to the library guy for help and I knew when Cheng Zheng found out about it, he was going to flip his lid. I can see the reason why he was upset about it, but she just could not come to him and ask for the money because of the circumstances.

Jazmine: I understood why he was upset too. Your partner is supposed to be someone you can lean on and rely on for help. If they had had an open and honest communication then that wouldn’t have been an issue. However, I think Cheng Zeng overreacted heavily. And Su Yujin’s response wasn’t that great either. But we got to see how Cheng Zeng really thought he was entitled to every aspect of Su Yujin’s life. When he said that she never really loved him it broke my heart because it really made me realize that Su Yujin was forced to “love” Chang Zeng nd no relationship should be like that.

DeShonda: I felt the exact same way when he said that to Su Yujin too. And I agree that no relationship should be that way at all. What did you think about the ending? I think it left room for a sequel perhaps. I had a feeling that when Su Yujin came to America she would run into Cheng Zheng again, but they did not see each other. I kind of wanted her to turn the other way and not notice him at all. If there is a sequel, do you think that Cheng Zheng would change, or would he still be the same possessive person he was years before?

Jazmine: I really hope there is no sequel lol. I hope that Cheng Zeng would have changed because for once he didn’t look for her and she looked for him...however, I highly doubt that he did change. She’s going to open that can of worms all over again. Maybe they’ll just have dinner and Su Yujin will find someone else completely. That would be the ideal outcome. What do you think?

DeShonda: I am hoping for a sequel as well. I want to know what will happen between Cheng Zheng and Su Yujin. I would hope after some years of being apart he would change and be better than he was before. Or as you mentioned, if they did see each other it could be to say good bye and to go on with their lives and have other relationships. But I think that no matter what the outcome, there will always be a place in their hearts for one another. They were each other's first love and what they had was special and they will never forget that.


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So Young 2: Never Gone

Starring Kris Wu and Liu Yi Fei

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