Coke is known to be bad for you, but green tea is known for its health benefits. They both taste great. So what's the deal with green tea cola?

The Shizuoka prefecture in Japan is known for its green tea, providing almost half of all green teas consumed in Japan. With it's climate and access to clean water, it's situated in an ideal location for green tea production. Now Shizuoka has moved on from just making green tea by mixing their tea with another popular beverage to create a true Shizuoka original. The drink is called "Shizuoka Cola".

Not many would imagine putting green tea and coke together, but that's exactly what this company did. They used actual water and tea leaves from Shizuoka, and created a fizzy green tea with the added carbonation and sweetness of coke. According to a reviewer, it tastes like Dr. Pepper and Fanta, with a splash of green tea, though he didn't seem that impressed with the actual flavor. The green tea flavor is apparently so subtle it would be hard to guess there was any green tea in it if no one told you. But because of the mixture, the end product is not as sweet as regular soft drinks, nor is it as fizzy.

As you've probably guessed, no claims of health benefits for Shizuoka Cola have yet been made.