Singer Solbi, pop artists Art Nom and Charles Jang and actors Kim Seung Hyun and Woo Mi Jin will be opening the Love+Cherish+Keep Exhibition at the Connoi-Space Gallery starting from December 15th until the 21st. The purpose of the event is to promote pet adoptions and encourage people to care for animals in shelters. Solbi stated, “I’m a huge pet lover myself, and this exhibition means a lot to me. I’m very happy to share my love for animals with others, and also help those in need. I hope everyone will be able to have a warm and loving end of the year.” The artists will be displaying their paintings as well as five other artists. They will also be selling donated products and ceramic pet food dishes. All of the profits from the event will be donated to an organization that supports financially troubled seniors, and it will be a very meaningful event for two great causes. (Source: