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During a recent interview for the show Hello, a male audience member told Sulli she needs to lose weight. Sulli and the rest of the F(x) members were listening to a lady talk about how for 16 years she’s had to listen to her younger brother call her a pig and constantly tell her she’s fat. The lady was of course upset about it and to be honest she had no reason to be. Apparently the lady is 170 centimeters tall which is about 5 foot 7 inches tall, and she weighs 48 kilograms which is around 103-106 pounds. When the brother who was also in the audience was asked if he thought any of the F(x) members were fat, he told Sulli she needed to lose weight in her thighs and arms (-_-). F(x) member Amber then told the brother “You shouldn’t hurt the feelings of other people based on your own standards.” Way to go Amber! That guys idea of the perfect girl is the stick figure I drew when I was 9 apparently. Last time I checked being 5 foot 7 and weighing less than 110 lbs is not even trying to be, attempting to be fat. Sulli is not fat what so ever; in fact she’s actually a bit slimmer since we last saw her in To The Beautiful You.

sulli rum pum

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After 16 years this lady needs to stop being upset and just give her little brother a good slap to the back of the head so he can learn to act and think right. KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE (Source via