Taiwanese romance drama Someone LIke You, has a beautiful opening theme song called "I'll Be Missing You." You probably didn't know that the singer for the song is Bii, a Korean-Taiwanese singer whose own hardship growing up in Korea has given him the extra ability to convey deep emotions through singing.

Bii (Bi Shu-Jin) is a popular singer based in Taiwan. He was born in South Korea to a Korean mother and a Taiwanese father. Even though he was born and raised in Korea, he was not allowed to have Korean citizenship because his father was a foreigner. The Korean law at that time did not allow female Korean citizens to transmit their nationality to their children. As a result, he (and his brother) grew up without an identity card or national health insurance, and he even had to pay higher tuition.

In high school, Bii was always interested in singing. He eventually went to China, where his father worked to pursue a musical career. In 2006, he went to Taiwan, where his father's friend made introductions for him and he became a singer. Bii's fame rose in 2010 when he released his first EP, titled Bii. The name "Bii" stands for "Be I, I", indicating his dual personas. In 2011, Bii became a citizen of the Republic of China (aka Taiwan) and completed the mandatory military service.

The 25-year-old pop singer also writes songs and composes music. Bii writes songs primarily in Korean, as it is his native language. The Chinese lyrics are usually edited or written by someone else or translated from Korean.

Here is Bii's official MV for "I'll Be Missing You" with lyrics by Tian Tsai and music by Bii.

(I'll translate the lyrics to English following the YouTube video.)

If, if you were the scenery

Then, then I fell in love with you

But it's viewed as a passing feeling.

No, no, I won't get too fascinated

Idiot, idiot, I'm fooling myself

by keeping too much of the memory.

*The old movie is too touching

The bad weather is too sad

I really want to forget

But the whole world keeps reminding me.

I'm still missing you

It's something as simple as breathing

I can't live without you

I need your air

I'm still missing you

as if I'm in the water having trouble breathing

Your shadow that I cannot embrace

becomes dimmer and disappears with time.

I'm still missing you.

(repeat from *)

Still missing you.

Still missing you.

Missing you 

Something very simple

I cannot live without you

You are my air.

Missing you

I'm still missing you

The shadow that I cannot embrace

becomes dimmer and disappears with time

I'm still missing you.

By the way, Bii appeared in episode 1 of Someone LIke You. He played the other driver who raced against Fang Zhan Cheng (Kingone Wang). You can see his cameo and hear the theme song in the series:

 ~ NancyZdramaland