Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food was the most popular K-drama last week according to our weekly top 10 list. The male lead Jung Hae In sat down with Xports News yesterday and discussed his breakout role, his newfound popularity, his first impressions on and chemistry with Son Ye Jin, and much more.

Jung Hae In rose to stardom through Something in the Rain after stints in ‘Goblin,’ ‘Wise Prison Life,’ and ‘While You Were Sleeping.’ With his newfound popularity, he’s been called “cute” a lot, a description he doesn’t actually approve of. “I’m so grateful for the attention, but I want to run away from it sometimes,” the actor says. “I can’t be called cute at 31.”

For Jung Hae In, who’s been somewhat of an underdog until ‘Something in the Rain,’ it was intimidating to film with Son Ye Jin. He says, “I was so shocked when I first met Son Ye Jin. I thought she’d be sensitive, picky, and scary, but she was the complete opposite. She was easygoing, smiled a lot, and led the set. I learned a ton from watching her get along with the crew so well.”

As the episodes went on, friends and acquaintances asked Jung Hae In if he was going out with Son Ye Jin in real life. He says, “I’ve even heard, ‘I know you guys aren’t dating, but I wish you were.’ It felt good knowing that our performance had great delivery.”

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Something in the Rain

Starring Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In

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