Normally if your cellphone smells, it means it's probably on fire. Now that's not necessarily the case anymore with a new attachment from a company in Tokyo which releases scents every time you use your smartphone. The cellphone attachment comes from a company called Scentee Inc., and it releases various smells depending on how you're using your cellphone. The company mentioned that it might release a different scent every time you get a Facebook "Like" or when it's time to wake up in the morning.

The attachment itself is also called Scentee, and is plugged into the earphone jack of a phone. It has the capability to release 100 puffs of scent. Some of the fragrances the company plans on using in cartridges are rose, lavender and strawberry. The company also plans on releasing a new app, called Hana Yakiniku (Nose Barbecue), that shows meat being grilled while releasing the smell of barbecue. Now, if only cell phones could make burgers!

Cool video of how the Scentee app works!

Would you ever get one? What scent would be best? Comment below!