Singer Son Dambi has returned from her two-year hiatus from the music scene. Earlier today, Son Dambi released her 4th mini album ‘Dripping Tears’ along with the full music video for her title song of the same name. Her style in the music video is very reminiscent of Lady Gaga meets Yo Landi (of South African rapping duo, Die Antwoord) with a hint of Korean flavor. She fluctuates between feminine, edgy and bold despite having limited costume changes in the music video. She dramatically transforms her look by changing her hair. For the dance scenes, she dons a toned-down Yolandi 'zef' style with her ethereal nymph-like make up and blonde wig.
On November 12, Son Dambi posted a photo on her official Facebook page and wrote, “I’m getting nervous for my comeback performance this week~~~”. She also held up a sign that says, “Dripping Tears. Please support me with your love.”
Are you going to support Son Dambi? What do you think of her comeback? Watch her video here !! ^__^