Son Ho Jun just got candid. The Go Back Couple actor is just coming back to life post-Kdrama, but he recently sat down for an in-depth interview about his time on set and his acting career in general. In regards to his recent rom-com, the 33-year-old actor opened up about how he felt during filming, his chemistry with his co-star Jang Nara, and what he wants in a future wife.

“Through my experience with filming Go Back Couple, I learned a little about how to become a son-in-law who receives lots of love, and how to get along with your wife without keeping secrets and good having communication. From the first script reading, I couldn’t detect an age gap [between us]. I think she is the best example of the saying, ‘Age is just a number.’ I used to watch her on TV when she was a singer and she is still exactly the same," he honestly admitted.

Throughout his 11-year acting career, no production came close to the popularity of his drama Answer Me 1994. However, he has affection for both dramas. The dedicated actor revealed that he made an effort to perfect both characters Hae Tae and [Choi] Ban Do, but Ban Do has his heart at the moment, seeing that he's a part of his most recent production.

Nonetheless, Son is always overflowing with admiration and respect for his Answer Me PD Shin Won Ho and Three Meals A Day PD Na Young Suk, because those productions helped him rise to fame. “Those two [producers] made it possible for me to be where I am today, so I have unconditional faith in them. Whenever they call me, I go. If Na Young Suk PD asks me to appear on Newlywed Diary after I get married, I’ll say okay no matter what," he said.

Since Go Back Couple is about marriage (and parenthood), what type of marriage does he want for himself in real life? He is heavily influenced by his parents' loving union. “When I was young and got into arguments with my mom, my dad always took her side. So I also want to get married to have someone take my side and I want to be a husband who always takes his wife’s side.”

Bravo for a job well done! What did you think of his performance in Go Back Couple? Will you be adding it to your list of must-watch dramas for Watch-A-Bunch-A-Thon?


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