20130130_sontaeyoung On January 30th, Son Tae Young's stylist posted on her Facebook, "A surprise from Ha Ryu from Queen of Ambition when we came to shoot for W Show. I'm losing if I'm jealous. But I am jealous. Oppa with the greatest sense is the best," along with the photo above. In the revealed picture, Son Tae Young is smiling brightly as she poses with the surprise cake that Kwon Sang Woo sent her. On the cake is written, "Son Tae Young's W Show," and "Yawang (Queen of Ambition) SW," showing his support for his wife and the drama he is currently shooting. Meanwhile, Son Tae Young is currently the host of cable channel KBS W Son Tae Young's W Show while her husband, Kwon Sang Woo, is playing the role of Ha Ryu on SBS Queen of Ambition. Are they not the most adorable couple? (Source: www.osen.co.kr)