After a successful run of Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain), actress Son Ye Jin sat down with MK News to discuss its ending (mild spoiler alert), without failing to reveal her thoughts on love and marriage. Believe it or not, the stunning actress turned 36 years-old earlier this year.

This is the last warning to not read any further unless you’ve finished watching Something in the Rain or want the ending spoiled.

Something in the Rain was our top drama last week, but not without its share of criticisms. Some fans expressed disappointment towards the second half of the show.

“I decided to star [in Something in the Rain] after reading the script. Nothing changed [from the original ending], and we told the story we wanted to tell, which I liked. I also liked that we touched on the social issues. I personally liked episodes 15 and 16. Other shows make it clear whether it’s a happy or sad ending. But we don’t know if they continued to see each other, or when their relationship ended. Three years of separation [of Jin Ah and Joon Hee] might’ve felt strange or unkind to the audience,” the actress explained.

Albeit the strangeness, they kept the show real and, consequently, relatable. “While Jin Ah tells her dad she’s seeing Joon Hee, she keeps crying. That’s based on what happened to the screenwriter’s friend. The mom’s reaction was real too. Only mothers would disagree with their daughter going out with or marrying someone, because they want the best for their child. Each and every character was so real, which made it relatable,” she recalled.

Son Ye Jin acknowledges that she and her character Jin Ah are both in their mid-30s, unmarried, and have family and close friends. But she doesn’t see any other resemblance. “Personality-wise, we’re so different,” she says.

When asked why she thought Something in the Rain was so popular, she picked chemistry with Jung Hae In as the biggest factor. “I hope my partner would be someone I could fall in love with, and he was,” she reasoned. “I felt that he had a lot in himself. After reading the script, I had an image of my partner in my head. Strangely, he was exactly how I’d pictured Joon Hee to be.”

Similar to what we heard from her onscreen partner last week, Son Ye Jin admitted everyone around her had wondered or wished she and Jung Hae In were dating. She attributes this hopelessly romantic idea to the multiple kiss scenes in the drama. “Many fans found it relatable when Jin Ah and Joon Hee whispered the talks of love [and kissed] in front of each other’s house, in the elevator, and such. Jin Ah was my age, so she represented much of how I position myself in the society, at home with parents, and in love and work life as a woman. All of this about Yoon Jin Ah was laid down in the script ... I think that’s why fans found the drama so relatable and likable, especially because they vicariously experienced love through Jin Ah.”

She’s open to dating younger men now, though she holds a reserved view on marriage. “Marriage isn't the ultimate expression of love. I still don’t know what awaits on that end.” Filming Something in the Rain was an invaluable experience for her, and she still holds dear the memory of crying with joy with the crew at the drama’s after party in Jeju Island. She has no plans on her next drama or film yet, but we can be assured it will have killer lines. “When deciding what to film, I prioritize on the script … it’s becoming almost impossible to make a decision with everything verified. In those moments, I go with the drama or film with the best script.”

Did you know that her latest melodrama film Be With You with So Ji Sub premiered last weekend on DramaFever? Check it out below!


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