Chinese movie, The Crossing, has topped box office results. With a cast that includes Zhang Ziyi (Crouching TIger Hidden Dragon) and Song Hye Gyo, the movie is filmed in 3D and directed by international famed director John Woo. The period drama depicts the fate of three couples interwoven in the times of turmoil in the late 1940s. It is inspired by a true story and has been hailed as the Chinese "Titanic". Watch the riveting trailer.

The Crossing took a year to film, and it included the construction of a replica of the Taiping luxury liner that met a tragic demise, taking the lives of over 1,000 passengers. Part one of the two-part epic film was released on December 2 in China to blockbuster results.

Leading actors from three countries play the three couples whose fates intersect In the movie. Song Hye Gyo plays an heiress who meets and falls for a Chinese general played by Huang Xiao Ming (Summer's Desire.) Zhang Ziyi plays a nurse who is in love with a soldier destined for the front lines. Takeshi Kaneshiro is a Taiwanese doctor who is drafted into the army and dreams of reuniting with his love, Masami Nagasawa.

Watch the riveting (English-subbed) trailer here:

The Crossing will actually be Song Hye Gyo's third Chinese movie, following The Grandmaster and The Queens. Have you seen any of her movies?