This news is like adding fuel to fire for Descendants of the Sun fans. Reportedly, Song Hye Gyo will be joining Song Joong Ki at his upcoming fan meet, and the news even includes supporting evidence from the Chinese government. There's more. Read on.

Song Joong Ki has been on tour visiting his fans in China, but the anticipation level is further heightened by the news that Song Hye Gyo will be joining him at his upcoming fan meet on June 17 in the city of Chengdu in Sichuan Province.

You'd probably wonder, is this real or just a rumor?

To prove that it is not a rumor, the news report included a screenshot taken from the Department of Culture of Sichuan Province, which authorized the event organizer to "add one actor, SONG HYE KYO (Korean nationality)" in a revised approval for "Korean actor Song Joong Ki's performance in Sichuan."

Another fantastic addition, as written near the bottom, is that an extra song was also approved for the program. It is "You Are My Everything" in Chinese. 

Any bona fide DOTS fan will tell you that "You Are My Everything" is one of the most popular original songs played in the romantic drama.

A reasonable "guess" is that the Song-Song Couple will sing "You Are My Everything" together on stage. They may even sing it in Chinese. 

Having just recovered from seeing them holding hands at the Baeksang Arts Awards, fans are getting a fresh dose of thrilling excitement.

There is even speculation that the popular stars will confess real love. For that, a document from the Chinese government simply won't be enough. We'd have to hear it directly from the Song-Song couple.

Are you excited about Song Hye Gyo joining Song Joong Ki at this fan meet? I know I am.


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