songhyegyo Actress Song Hye Kyo recently responded to the recent "kill-heel" controversy that heated up with the release of the teasers for her upcoming drama featuring Jo In Sung, That Winter, The Wind Blows. When the teaser video for the drama was released, many viewers critiqued that the heels Song Hye Kyo was wearing were too high for the part she was playing. There were also comments that regarded the make-up that the character was wearing, stating that it was  "unlikely for the visually impaired." The actress was given the role as a visually impaired patient and she said, "What I realized after I went to community relief center, learning and listening from the visually impaired is that I also held a lot of prejudice and stereotype against them. They were not much different from everyone else." On the February 5th episode of SBS One Night TV Entertainment, she told the interviewer, "I think it's wrong to think that just because you can't see you can't do anything. When Oh Young (the visually impaired character) is wearing heels, she has someone helping, but when she is heading out alone, she is wearing flats." The writer of the drama No Hee Kyung also spoke out, saying, "I understand the comments that were being made online. The cause of the problem was that there was no full explanation for it. But even in the textbook for the visually impaired, there are how-to's on how to wear heels and do make-up." songhyegyo3 What are your thoughts regarding this "kill-heel" controversy? (Source: