Awww, the Song-Song couple are such friendship goals! It seems as though the former co-stars are still close friends, even after the ending of their hit drama Descendents of the Sun, which can be seen from Song Hye Kyo's recent gift to the set of Song Joong Ki's movie Battleship Island. 

On August 21, coffee truck company Coffee Pong uploaded an image to their official Instagram revealing the actress's thoughtful gift. In the photo, you can see not only the expansive drink selection, but also the truck's banner, which reads, "Hang in there, Song Joong Ki and 'Battleship Island' staff!!"

Coffee Pong also released the following statement regarding Song Hye Kyo's gift to the set, “Actress Song Hye Kyo is an angel to the bone, called Coffee Pong for actor Song Joong Ki and the staff who are working hard. Even today many staff members were sweating like it was raining. We were also excited today thanks to actor Song Joong Ki who always comes over to greet us personally! We will convey actress Song Hye Kyo’s precious heart well. Thank you for always believing in and counting on us actress Song Hye Kyo."

Doesn't she have such a sweet heart? It's nice to know that she is so giving and still has a close relationship with Song Joong Ki. We hope all goes well with the rest of Song Joong Ki's filming and look forward to seeing more from the both of them in the near future. 

What do you think of Song Hye Kyo's generosity? Any thoughts on her adorable friendship with Song Joong Ki? Let us know in the comments below!  


Descendants of the Sun

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