While Song Hye Kyo was visiting Hong Kong to promote her drama That Winter, The Wind Blows, she almost got seriously injured when an escalator she was using broke down -- with her on it!

According to Chinese sources:

“Song Hye Kyo arrived at the airport in a brown top, black mini skirt, short ankle boots with her bodyguards. She was soon surrounded by many fans and received flowers from her fan club and TVB. While her bodyguards were blocking the fans, Song Hye Kyo stepped on the escalator to go one floor down. The escalator started shaking and stopped moving.”

Sources say that Song Hye Kyo looked shocked when the escalator stopped abruptly, though thankfully she wasn’t hurt. Can you imagine top star Song Hye Kyo getting hurt before her fans, all because of a faulty escalator? We're so glad she's okay!