[caption id="attachment_17487" align="alignleft" width="368" caption="Song Il Kook"][/caption] New photos were released following a preview performance of I Am You, the historical stage play in which Song Il Kook starts in a dual role as both patriot Ahn Jung Geun and his son, Ahn Jun Saeng. Ahn Jung Geun famously assassinated Japan's first resident general in Korea. The controversy stems from Song's perceived sympathetic attitude towards Ahn Jun Saeng, who has a very different reputation from his father and was accused of being a traitor. The blowup resulted in producers arranging for a pre-show warmup with audiences to discuss the issues involved. In any case, you can see pics from the dramatic recreation of Ahn's era--and Song's emotional performance--right here. Furries rejoice! The new promo shot for the Hong Sisters' fantasy-romance-horror-comedy drama My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho features Shin Mina showing off all nine of those fluffy white tails to a horrified Lee Seung Gi. Yoon Son Ha gave fans a brief behind-the-scenes peek at her new drama Fugitive (aka Runaway), which also co-stars a certain little-known actor named Rain. You can see her snapshots of the set here. Jewel In the Palace star Lee Young Ae has confirmed that she is pregnant, and halting all other work to focus attention on prenatal care. The 39-year old actress, who surprised fans last year by marrying a 55-year old businessman, is expecting to deliver in December. It was announced that Lee Dong Gun will spend the remainder of his mandatory 2-year military service as a celebrity military officer, meaning that the Lovers in Paris star will be devoting himself to PR campaigns and boosting morale of his fellow servicemen. Finally, you can see a sneak preview of an upcoming Vogue Girl photo shoot starring Min Hyo Rin, Go Eun Ah and Seo Hyo Rim, "the new age's three female stars," rocking the skinny denim look right here