Song Il Kuk and his triplets, Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se, who have been prominently featured on the variety show The Return of Superman, donated to help victims of the Nepal earthquake as well as sick children in Korea.

On May 4, ChildFund Korea revealed that Song Il Kuk and his triplets donated a total of 100 million won (~$92,000) to help children in both Nepal and Korea.

This donation comes from profits of the Song triplets' 2015 calendars. While originally created only for family and friends, viewers began to request that the adorable calendars be available to the public, and the family agreed to begin selling them. However, instead of profiting himselves with the money from the calendar sales, Song Il Kuk promised to donate all the proceeds the family would receive from the calendars.

Regarding the donation, Song Il Kuk stated, "As I raise my own kids, my heart goes out first to children who are sick. I decided to donate to the children who are suffering due to the Nepal earthquake and the sick children in Korea who can′t run around and play on Children′s Day."

CEO Lee Je Hoon of ChildFund Korea stated, "We want to express our gratitude for showing love and interest and not forgetting about the children who are alienated ahead of Children′s Day. We will carefully use the donation to support the children in Nepal as well as sick children in Korea."

Song Il Kuk has a long history of engaging in community service and making charitable donations — something he will hopefully pass on to his sons. It’s important for all of us to remember how precious our children are, not just on Children’s Day, but every day. And to remember to do what we can to help those who are in need around us.

Watch Song Il Kuk and the triplets in the latest episode of Return of Superman: