From the Queen's Vantage Point: There are actors and then there are actor’s among actors.  Such an actor is Song ll Kuk.  As I have watched the many series that he has appeared in, including my recent favorite, Kimchi Family, I am amazed at how this man’s face changes to the point that if you did not know it was the same person, you would wonder.  Sure the eyes and the smile are the most obvious features of his very handsome face, but they are not enough to keep the changes from taking place.  Whether he  plays a gangster turned chef as he does in Kimchi Family or a revenge-filled renegade as he does in A Man Called God, every face is different. As the boss of his own gigantic investment organization, X-City, Kuk is impeccable.  He flashes style, sophistication, and sexuality while hiding a deadly accurate form of fighting and determination in clearing the name of his murdered father.  Michael King is the man women dream of, but when not finding investors for his resort, X-City, he is on a mission to either kill or bring to justice the men behind the crime who stole money and reputations while slandering the name of a good police officer, faithful friend, and good husband, King’s father.  They will pay and he is the one who will make them pay no matter what. Song ll Kuk made the Queen change her vantage point from romance to history to melodrama.  It is hard to tell whether it was the excellent writing of the author, the wonderful production by the directors and his fellow actors, or his dynamic good looks that kept me glued to every series that I have watched him in.  When watching The Lobbyist and Crime Squad, I only stopped long enough to take lunch and personal needs breaks.  I wanted to see every frame and hear every word! Kuk owns the character when he is acting and he owns the screen whenever he shows up.  Do you ever wonder what such people are like in person or in their day-to-day life? Sincerely, it is hard to believe that some of that personality does not come from who they are when the cameras are not on.  This man makes 40 look so good.  If it is true that clothes do not make the man then this man makes clothes talk!  The car he drove in A Man Called God would not look this good if someone else were behind the wheel. Let me just say again that this man changes to meet the specifications of the role.  In Crime Squad, we see Song as a depressed father and dedicated police officer who took the job to understand why his little girl had to die in a senseless car accident, and who was responsible for her death.  His Columbo-like appearance is only missing the rumpled raincoat.  He has made a promise to his deceased child and he cannot give up until he brings the killer or killers to justice.  It is hard to find the debonair Michael King in A Man Called God with the frumpy Detective Park Se Hyuk.   The hair is all wrong.  The eyes are not the same.  The confidence stance almost invisible to the naked eye.  You know it is him, but you wonder what happened along the way.  He is a man possessed. Frank Sinatra sang, “I have been a piper, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn, and a king…” and Song ll Kuk plays them all with finesse.  If you cannot see enough of him, DramaFever has him on full load with about seven different dramas including the ones that I have mentioned here.  If you want to see him play a warrior king, then you can watch the The Kingdom of the Wind and Jumong, two historical dramas. How does he look as a king?  Well, you tell me. Long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight, it does not matter. Period costumes, sauve suits, or shabby police wear, Kuk makes them all his personal best. Just because he looks so good with clothes on, I thought I should give you one more picture of his fantastic changeability.  This guy looks like his sexy older brother, but it is Kuk.  From the Queen’s vantage point, any excuse is a good one to take a look at him.  Let’s hope that he is in something else real soon so that we can continue to watch his wonderful ability to change to suit the role, wear the suit, or smile.  All are worth the price of admission. To read more from The Queen, click here!