Song Jae Hee (The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi) proposed to actress Ji So Yeon less than a month after dating. This might seem too quick to some, but not to him! Let’s see why he’s convinced Ji So Yeon is the woman of his life!

“I’m getting married … The date is fixed. I decided to marry her two months after meeting her. I’m convinced I’d be happy if I spend the rest of my life with her. Though it’s been a short time [knowing her], she felt right,” Song told Lee Wan on the July 28 episode of the reality show Law Of The Jungle. Lee Wan later commented, “Jae Hee hyung has never sounded cooler.”

Song proposed to Ji in a church surrounded by their friends. When he kneels down and hands her the ring, she springs up from the chair and gives him a hug. According to Song, he had sold his moped to purchase the ring.

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On TV, Song sent his fiancée a short message: “Dear my bride, we’ll see gorgeous things in unexpected places. I’ll do my best to create a beautiful life for us. I love you.”

Song Jae Hee and Ji So Yeon will have a small wedding on Sept. 7 with just their parents as witnesses.

Congratulations, Song Jae Hee and Ji So Yeon!


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