Song Jae Rim successfully held his first fan meeting in Taiwan on July 19th, delighting fans with his handsome looks and incredible fan service. From hugging every single person in the theater to even shedding tears at the end, Song Jae Rim provided a wonderfully heartfelt event for hundreds of his fans.

I had the fantastic opportunity to attend Song Jae Rim's Taiwan fan meeting. Here are 8 unforgettable highlights from the event!

1. Song Jae Rim’s Amazing Smile and Excitement

What’s not to love about Song Jae Rim’s radiant smile? Throughout the entire event, he had a huge smile on his face, showing off his genuine delight and excitement to be interacting with his fans.

2. Song Jae Rim Talks about We Got Married Experience

During the first half of the fan meeting, the MC asked Song Jae Rim questions about a variety of topics ranging from his preferred selfie poses to if he would ever grow out his hair again (he’d love to if he had the time and his acting roles didn’t interfere with it!).

Perhaps the most anticipated topic was regarding his recent We Got Married experience and his relationship with Kim So Eun. Song Jae Rim was quick to admit that skinship comes very naturally to him and it was easy for him to develop a close relationship with his onscreen wife.

Unfortunately, since leaving the program they both have been very busy with their own activities. Song Jae Rim did say that they occasionally keep in touch, sending each other messages of support. Hopefully they’ll have time to reconnect in the future!

3. Unmatched Fan Service – Everyone got a Hug!

There was never a dull moment during the event, mostly due to Song Jae Rim’s committed dedication to his fans. He constantly went above and beyond with his adorable actions, cute responses, and genuine care for his fans.

At the end of the event, the entire audience was able to participate in a High-Touch event where each person would be able to give Song Jae Rim a high-five before leaving the venue. What should have been a quick end to the night soon turned into a very special experience for everyone.

When the first fan came on stage for her high-five, she suddenly gave Song Jae Rim a hug instead. The staff tried to stop her, but Song Jae Rim had other ideas. He decided that since the first fan had received a hug, everyone else should also get a hug to be fair! Song Jae Rim stayed true to his word, hugging roughly 1,000 lucky fans. I can’t image many other actors would give out such amazing fan service!

I can attest, it was a fantastic hug! 

4. Song Jae Rim's Sexy Dance to "Fantastic Baby"

Speaking of fan service, let's talk about Song Jae Rim's rather epic dancing skills! During one of the game segments, Song Jae Rim and a lucky fan needed to dance together for two minutes. The fan wasn’t too sure what to do (understandable considering her close proximity to Song Jae Rim), but Song Jae Rim really stepped up and wowed the crowd with his dance moves!

Once Big Bang’s "Fantastic Baby" came on, he sure brought his “A” game!

Check out a video of his awesome performance below! 

5. Saxophone Solo

Did you know Song Jae Rim has another talent besides acting? He’s actually very good at playing the saxophone! He prepared a special performance for the fan meeting, playing a great rendition of the song "Let Her Go."

Check out his impressive performance below!

6. Game Time with Fans

A few lucky fans were picked to come on stage and play games with Song Jae Rim. As I mentioned before, Song Jae Rim made sure to make their experiences extra special and interactive!

One of my favorite moments was when Song Jae Rim and a fan had to try and draw each other’s portraits. Song Jae Rim wanted to help his fan out and decided the best way to do that was to literally trace his face on her canvas!

Another highlight included a tandem jump roping game. I’d say this girl won for the most skinship with Song Jae Rim during the evening! When their side-by-side jumping didn’t work out, Song Jae Rim even gave her a coveted piggy back ride, attempting to jump rope with her on his back. While not the perfect solution, it was sure fun to watch!

At the end of these games, the fans were each granted one wish from Song Jae Rim. They all chose to take a cute selfie with the handsome actor!

7. Heartfelt Opening and Closing Songs

In addition to the saxophone solo, Song Jae Rim also serenaded the audience with songs at the beginning and end of the show. While he’s a pretty good singer, he’s not very used to signing in front of a crowd. During both songs, he stopped after about a minute due to a mistake, deciding that he wanted to start over! It was adorable to see his determination to do well and give the best performance possible.

8. Song Jae Rim Moved to Tears

Towards the end of the event, Song Jae Rim’s Taiwanese fans put together a touching video thanking him for his dedication and hard work. When Song Jae Rim came back on stage, he had tears in his eyes, grabbing a towel to wipe them away. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude for his fans' love and support and promised to continue working hard.

Overall, it was a wonderfully intimate and exciting fan meeting. The audience left with an even greater love and respect for Song Jae Rim, wishing him the best in his future projects.

I hope you enjoyed the review! Do you have a favorite part or picture from the event? Would you want to attend Song Jae Rim’s fan meeting? Please share your thoughts below!

Watch Song Jae Rim in his recent series Unkind Women:

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