Need a good laugh this weekend? From the director of the hilarious film Twenty, comes the comedy that became one of Korea's most popular movies of the year! Watch What A Man Wants, starring Song Ji Hyo and Shin Ha Kyun, now on DramaFever!


Seok Geun (Lee Sung Min, Incomplete Life) is a taxi driver on the gorgeous Jeju Island. A womanizer, Seok Geun frequently cheats on his wife, Dam Deok (Jang Young Nam, My Sassy Girl). In spite of this, he claims to love and care for both his wife and his younger sister, Mi Young (Song Ji Hyo, My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week). Mi Young is married to aspiring chef Bong Soo (Shin Ha Kyun). Together, the couple runs a struggling Italian restaurant. Bong Soo wants to convert their Italian restaurant into a Chinese one to improve their chances of survival, but Mi Young has little time for his suggestions. Bong Soo avoids living like Seok Geun and doesn’t think highly of his brother-in-law’s philandering ways. But when the gorgeous Je Ni (Lee El, Goblin: The Great and Lonely God) enters the picture, Bong Soo realizes that being a philanderer isn’t as impossible as he once thought. Also known as “Wind Wind Wind,” What a Man Wants is directed by Lee Byung Hun (Twenty). It released on April 5, 2018.



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What a Man Wants

Starring Song Ji Hyo and Lee Sung Min

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