Song Ji Hyo is having the time of her life, and it shows. Ji Hyo appeared in an interview to promote her new film last week and got candid about her love life, on-screen chemistry with Kim Jong Kook, and her thoughts on having an affair. Her new film What a Man Wants,’ premieres today, and tells the story of finding love on Jeju island. Read on to find out more!

First off, the 36-year-old actress doesn’t plan to marry anytime soon. “It’s not that marriage isn’t on my mind. I’m just content as is,” Ji Hyo said. “Unless there’s a reason to, I don’t think I would [want to marry]. I’m having a lot of fun right now.”

Ji Hyo, laughing, shared a story of how her mom used to try and talk her into marriage. “Mom used to talk about [finding someone to settle down with] especially after coming home from weddings. She’s given up on it. She’s accepting now. She doesn’t talk about marriage anymore, and just tells me to rest. One day she saw me struggling to get up, and she said, ‘You’ve aged too.’”

Ji Hyo also updated us on Kim Jong Kook, her fellow Running Man cast member. Jong Kook and Ji Hyo’s on-screen relationship has always been a hot topic. Some Running Man fans have been addressing them together as the Spartace Couple for years now.

“We go way back. I rely on him a lot,” Ji Hyo said, laughing. “We’re like family now. I don’t feel awkward [about the TV romance]. I’m glad people think we look good together.” When asked about the possibility of actually dating him, she laughed and said, "No chance at all." Ji Hyo has made it a rule not to date a celebrity, as she shared back in 2016 at the My Wife's Having an Affair This Week press conference.

Since her new film What a Man Wants revolves around a story of a love affair, Ji Hyo got personal about affairs as well. “Once can be a mistake, but twice is intended. I could forgive him once, given that it was a mistake, but it can’t be repeated.”

Curious to find out Song Ji Hyo's dating style? Check her out in action as she's paired with the handsome Chen Bo Lin on the Chinese reality dating show, We Are In Love : Season 2!

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