Song Ji Hyo was inconsolable when she heard the bad news.

During OSEN's recent interview with her label Make You Company, it was revealed that the 35 year-old actress cut off communication with everyone as she mourned the ending of her 7 year run with the variety program Running Man. "The members loved Running Man a lot, and they were like family for the past 7 years, She was hurt deeply by what happened. After she heard she would be leaving, she had a really hard time. She cut off all communications and just cried her eyes out, " a Make You representative explained. 

SBS decided to conclude the popular series in February of 2017 following backlash from them letting Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook go in hopes of revamping the program for the new year. I hope Song and her former co-workers reconnect sometime in the near future and maintain their incredible friendships. It's obvious viewers loved the team together all these years, and they only want what is best for them.

Fans are now anxiously awaiting for Song to return her old cheerful self. What type of project do you want to see her in that could possibly lift her spirits? 

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