Song Ji Hyo is a fangirl just like the rest of us!

The Running Man star is bouncing back with an all new show about beauty, and a hot idol decided to come along for the ride. 5urprise's Gong Myung was chosen to be her co-host on Song Ji Hyo's Beauty View. The first episode, which is scheduled to air tomorrow on the JTBC2 network, is sure to be a breath of fresh air for the actress who recently parted ways with her longtime variety program. During the press conference for Song Ji Hyo's Beauty View, the 35 year-old star talked about her first impression of the Let's Drink actor and gushed about how attractive he is.

"I knew Gong Myung but it was the first time that I actually talked to him. He's a friend who's brighter than I thought, and he really feels like a little brother to me; I think because of our age gap."

She added, "While filming together, he was very quick and had a great sense of humor. He's a really good guy. Now, we've become close enough that we joke around a lot. He's a really handsome, pretty dongsaeng."

The 22 year-old idol/actor already has quite a busy year ahead of him! I'm surprised he even signed up for Song's show. He recently joined the cast of Law of the Jungle: Kota Manado, and he is apart of a virtual marriage on We Got Married with actress Jung Hye Sung. He must be a Song Ji Hyo's fan too that he is able to take on another new gig.

I remember Song best for her role as Min Hyo Rin in Goong. Of course, her acting career has branched out so much since then. It's great to see she is adding another reality/variety program to her resume. This time around, she is in the driver's seat. I hope her new series is successful!

Do you think Song Ji Hyo and Gong Myung will be the new dream team of TV?

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