9_zpsb8df6beb   Fashion campaigns have been rolling out over the past few weeks, each with the goal to catch your attention, and eventually, your wallet. For Yesse's Summer 2013 campaign they thought A) Let's get a big star, AKA Song Ji Hyo, and B) Let's think color. And so it was! The Running Man beauty showed off a slew of looks from the brand's newest line, all the while sipping on cocktails, strumming a miniature guitar, playing with a boat's steering wheel, playing with plastic swans, a life vest—honestly, it'll make more sense by clicking through the gallery below. [gallery ids="162198,162199,162200,162201,162202,162203,162204,162205,162206,162207,162208,162209,162210,162211,162212,162213,162214,162218,162217"] Which of these looks would you say is the best... and most bizarre?