Song Ji Hyo’s Lovely Horribly is teasing us with photos from the read-through. Plus, Haha confirmed a cameo appearance on this upcoming romantic comedy.

Unless you're a K-drama newbie, you know the importance of a good script in K-dramaland. Lovely Horribly is a work of a new screenwriter named Park Min Joo, who won the KBS TV drama miniseries contest last year. Lovely Horribly is about a top star and a screenwriter who “share a destiny,” and is a romantic comedy on the verge of horror. Let’s take a look at the characters through photos from the June 1 reading at KBS.

Yoo Philip (Park Shi Hoo) is a top star actor who has it all. He’s never been out of luck in his life, until he meets Ji Eul Soon. Philip and Eul Soon are like the yin and yang. Born on the same day at the same time, one of them must suffer an unfortunate faith for the other to live happily.

Ji Eul Soon (Song Ji Hyo) is an underdog screenwriter who’s been one for the past eight years. Though her life may seem unfortunate, she’s Ms. Optimist at heart.

Add producer Sung Joong into the picture, who may easily become the best second male lead of the year. He’s a noona lover and, rightly for a horror show, he can see ghosts.

If Eul Soon has Sung Joong, Philip has actress Yoon Ah (Ham Eun Jung). Let’s just say the top star’s girlfriend is a jealous type.

The last of the main cast is Ki Eun Young (Choi Yeo Jin). She’s Eul Soon’s old friend and a successful screenwriter whose shows’ popularity goes through the roof every time they air.

Last but not least Haha announced yesterday that he'll make a cameo appearance for Song Ji Hyo, who's his good friend and Running Man costar. He recently finished filming his part. His role is unknown.

Lovely Horribly premieres in August after Are You Human Too? What’s your thoughts on this romantic comedy? Please comment below!

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