It's been exactly two weeks since rumored super-couple Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo admitted to their relationship and announced plans for an October wedding in a joint statement made by their respective agencies. As expected, the media, fans, and the general public have since been waiting to see the two together for the first time as an official couple, as the two have been denying any kind of relationship for as long as it's been speculated. And now finally, a date and an occasion for them to appear together in public had been set — but the actress was nowhere to be seen.

A VIP screening of Song Joong Ki's latest film, The Battleship Island, took place today in Seoul, and it had been confirmed that Song Hye Gyo was indeed on a list of attendees who were scheduled to watch the occupation-era story of a forced labor camp at the hands of the Japanese, and the daring escape attempt made by the Korean prisoners. Despite the film's success in international festivals and markets, where it has already been sold in 113 countries, much of the hype was all about the star of the movie and his future wife, who was expected to show up at the VIP preview screening to support her partner. 

All of Korea, and fans around the world of Korea's newest celebrity couple, were more than excited at the prospect of catching a glimpse of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo together for the first time in public as official lovers. But right before the event, the actress's agency released a statement explaining that she was not going to be attending due to a prior commitment working overseas. Of course, there was disappointment all around, but the event took place with the groom-to-be talking about how much he respected and loved his future wife. So with that, now fans can look forward to the two superstars appearing together for the first time at a later date. The question now is: When will that be?

Battleship Island will be released in Korea on the 26th of this month.

The wedding is more than three months away, but these two will without a doubt be dominating the celebrity news cycle leading up to, and immediately following, the very special day they exchange their vows. Stay tuned!

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