Along with their surprising wedding announcement, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo have each written a letter to fans explaining their decision and asking for blessings.

The Song-Song Couple surprised fans worldwide with an announcement on July 5 that they'll marry on October 31. The stunning news came after recent rumors regarding their real-life romance. The two top Korean actors met on the set of the smash hit Descendants of the Sun, and many fans have noticed the couple's strong chemistry on and off the screen. 

Song Joong Ki's letter to his fan club, as translated:

"I met a drama project that made me shine and was an honor to me, and I made a precious friend who spent that happy time with me. We confirmed our sincere feelings for each other and became a couple who loved each other. At the beginning of 2017, we made a promise to each other to spend the rest of our lives together. We'll fill what we each lack with love, and we'll live a new life where we can face difficulties together. I plan to marry Song Hye Kyo at the end of October, 2017. I wanted to let you all know of my sincere intentions earlier, but it's not something I can decide on my own. My family's opinions are also all precious, and it was a situation where I had to think carefully and discretely. I had an upcoming movie that involved many people's passion and efforts, and as an actor, I didn't want my personal life to negatively affect the film crew and staff. In the future, I'll live as a cool actor and stable head of a family. Please cheer on our good destiny. Thank you."

Song Hye Gyo's letter to her fan club, as translated:

“I think many of you would’ve been surprised by the sudden news. It may appear as if I lacked consideration for my fans, but I hope you will understand [my intentions]. At first, Joong Ki was a colleague who clicked well with me. As we worked on a production together, we discovered that we had similar values and we could really talk about anything. Because he was a good friend and colleague, we continued to keep in touch even after the [drama] ended. Over time, the faith and trust that Joong Ki had shown me helped me imagine a future with him. I was thankful that he had such genuine feelings for me, and I was also able to confirm my own feelings for him.

“I wanted to relay the engagement news to my fans first, but I had to be careful because it wasn’t only my decision. I feel nervous announcing the news all of a sudden, but I trust that my fans will support me. Please continue to love me like you have until now. Thank you for waiting and believing in me. The two of us will live happily. Please give us your blessings! Thank you.”

We fans couldn't be happier with the super-happy ending (and new beginning) for the Song-Song Couple.

Congratulations and best wishes to Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo!


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Did you notice that Song Joong Ki admitted "at the beginning of 2017," when they made a promise to be with each other for the rest of their lives? Is that when he proposed? Read about their wedding announcement HERE.

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