Isn't it about time for "Big Boss" Song Joong Ki to return to K-drama land? Here's some good news about the Descendants of the Sun star!

Song Joong Ki has been quite busy ever since his romantic drama Descendants of the Sun was released in 2016 to stellar success.

The popular actor went on a whirlwind of appearances to promote the drama known as DOTS, sometimes with the surprise visits of his on-screen crush, Song Hye Kyo. The couple then stunned fans with acknowledging their real-life romance, followed by a glamorous wedding in October last year. The Battleship Island, a movie where he co-starred with Hwang Jung Min and So Ji Sub, was also released in 2017.

So now, in 2018, what is the outstanding leading man planning to do for his next project?

Fans are excited to learn that Song Joong Ki is currently considering starring in a new historical drama with the temporary title Asadal, as reported on March 12.

His agency confirmed the news but said no official decision has been made. Nevertheless, there are good signs indicating that Song Joong Ki might accept the offer.

The drama is scripted by Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon, the writing duo responsible for the acclaimed Tree with Deep Roots, in which Song Joong Ki starred as a young king, as well as penning other hit dramas such as Six Flying Dragons and Queen Seon Duk. The director is Kim Jin Won, who directed Nice Guy (aka The Innocent Man), the revenge drama where Song Joon Ki starred in his role as a leading-man.

Not much else is known about Asadal. Will Song Joong Ki become a captain of the royal guard, a prince, or a mystery man?

What would you like to see? We can always watch DOTS again while we ponder that question!


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