While talking with Marie Claire Korea, Song Joong Ki said he is “extremely happy … because I’ve made the biggest decision of my life. I’m happy to be with (Song Hye Kyo). I’m at a very happy point of my life.” Scroll down to reveal the actor’s thoughts on his filmography and his beautiful Marie Claire photos!

Song Joong Ki’s Marie Claire interview was conducted back in September, two months after his latest film The Battleship Island had come out. Below are  his comments about his filmography and his definition of being an actor.

In talking about filling his filmography with different colors, or different types of work, Song said he would be careful not to fill it with all the colors. “I want to fill it with the colors that I won’t regret,” Song said. “I’ll be satisfied when, after a long time, I look back at my work and say, ‘Yes, my choices were right.’”

Song dreams of new experiences. In reference to Hallyu, he wishes to work with professionals from other cultures. He says, “I really want to work with film director Ang Lee. The atmosphere on set and the way staff members communicate would be different (from those in Korea). I’m curious how the film would turn out in that environment.”

Now that he’s in his thirties, Song is looking far into his future. “Instead of next year or the year after, I’m curious what kind of character I’ll be playing in my late thirties,” Song shared. When asked about his prime time, he said it hasn’t come yet. “Some say I’ve reached the top, but I’ve never thought that way, not after finishing any drama or film, probably because I don’t acknowledge it myself. I haven’t reached prime time, at least by my standards. I don't know when it’ll come, but when it does, it’ll feel good.”

In July, Song Joong Ki said he was having the best summer of his life. In another interview that month, he revealed thoughts on marriage and his new bride Song Hye Kyo.


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Photos: Marie Claire Korea