Actor Song Joong Ki of Descendants of the Sun met with reporter Son Seok Hee on JTBC Newsroom, which aired live in the evening of Thursday, July 27, 2017. Song talked about his new film, The Battleship Island, and marriage with fiancée Song Hye Gyo.

Reporter Son introduced and asked the actor, “You say you transformed from a boy into an adult for the past year, during which your every move was under the spotlight. How do you feel now that you’ve become an adult?”

“I don’t think I’m an adult yet. I’m still in the process,” the actor clarified. “I have two big events this year, so I’m having the best summer of my life. The film premiered. The other thing is that I’m getting married.”

Most of Son’s questions revolved around The Battleship Island.

After sharing that director Ryoo Seung Wan had casted Song because of his resemblance to James Coburn, Son asked Song whether he thought he had a dark side.

“I used to feel bad about the lines under my eyes,” Song explained. “But director Ryoo said James Coburn had had the same under-eye lines and used them for the benefit of his roles.”

Later in the interview, Song tactfully answered questions on the film’s resemblance to Korea’s unsettling political climate of 2016 and the film’s distribution monopoly in theaters in Korea.

Near the end, Son shared, “When we asked Song Joong Ki for an ending song, after two days’ deliberation, he recommended The Umbrellas of Cherbourg soundtrack.”

Song Joong Ki commented, “I watched the movie a few months ago. It’s an old film. To be honest, I really liked the movie and the melody got stuck in my head. It’s a song my fiancée likes.”

Son replied, “I liked the song a lot in high school. Congratulations on your marriage again.”

See the full interview (unsubbed) below:

Song has been giving a lot of interviews lately, probably because of the new film premiere, but perhaps also because he does not want reporters calling his parents who live in the countryside, which is something he briefly mentioned in Monday’s interview: “I don’t know how they got the phone number, but they have called my parents,” Song said. “My parents live in the suburbs, and they said they were startled … I’m a little sad about it. So I try to talk more openly in interviews.”

Congratulations on your marriage again, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo!

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