Not surprising to most, Song Joong Ki ran away with yet another achievement, as consumers of all ages in Korea chose him as the most-favored celebrity to endorse a product in the year 2016.

Soon after the final episode of the international sensation Descendants of the Sun aired in Korea, Song Joong Ki's face was everywhere, and this is quite literally . Because the drama was so immensely popular, sandwiches from Subway and cars by Hyundai that were placed in episodes of the show, for example, resulted in major increases in sales figures for the two companies. Other corporate sponsors that paid for their merchandise to be written into the scenes also benefited from the exposure they received on Descendants. One of the major reasons for the show's popularity is none other than Song Joong Ki, who, because of his wide appeal to fans of all ages, became the sure-thing when it came to advertising.

In 2016, Song sold everything from Baskin Robbins ice cream, flights on Jeju Air, Domino's Pizza, Cuchen rice cookers, Forencos cosmetics, LG Household & Healthcare toothpaste, Hite beer, and the list goes on and on. As the year comes to a close, and with nothing but positive results for all sponsors of the Korean superstar, it looks like we'll be seeing more of Song selling Korean products in 2017 as well.



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