Song Joong Ki was spotted on December 7 at a Seoul station, filming for Descendants of the Sun, which co-stars Song Hye Gyo. Why did it cause fans to feel concerned?

While filming an action scene on November 23 for Descendants of the Sun, Song Joong Ki fell and was injured. At the time, despite having his arm in a cast, his recovery was estimated to be "speedy," according to his agency, Blossom Entertainment.

Subsequently, it was reported on November 27 that, upon closer examination at a hospital, doctors determined Song also suffered a damaged ligament to his right knee in addition to the fractures in his arm. The treatment involved physical therapy, and it was estimated that he needed 8 weeks for a full recovery.

The production team said filming of Descendants of the Sun would continue with actors and scenes that did not require Song Joong Ki's presence. Since the series was being filmed in its entirety before its air date, there was no immediate impact to the schedule.

Despite the assurances, fans were concerned to hear about the 8 weeks needed for Song to recover. They were further surprised to learn that he apparently returned to work only 2 weeks after he was injured, as photos were posted showing him filming at a Seoul station. 

Although it is commendable that Song Joong Ki is back to work so quickly, we certainly hope that the dedicated actor will stay safe and sound. Descendants of the Sun is Song's comeback drama after his 2-year military service. His last roles were in 2012, with the drama Nice Guy and the movie A Werewolf Boy.

In the meantime, the action-packed Descendants of the Sun with plenty of location filming in Greece is slated to air in 2016. 

Miss Song Joong Ki? Watch his 2012 series Nice Guy below:

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