On the most recent episode of ‘Problematic Men’, SHINee’s Minho proudly revealed who his closest celebrity friends were. Making that impressive list was: Song Joong Ki , Kim Woo Bin, EXO’s D.O., Jo In Sung, Kim Ki Bang, and Im Joo Hwan -- some of Korea's top superstars. However, the true bombshell that Minho dropped was not who his friends were, but rather to whom the title of 'sexiest brain' belonged to. Why did Minho unhesitatingly crown Song Joong Ki with this honor? Read on to find out!

Further exploring their relationships, when Minho was asked who out of all his friends he considered to be both 'sexy and smart' (뇌섹남 - Noesegnam: literally: "A man who's brain is even sexy"), he did not hesitate to bring up Song Joong Ki's name.

He went onto clarify that:

“He really is intelligent. When we talk, he’s very logical…even if we say the same things, he has this way of explaining his exact reasoning when he speaks. He not only sounds clever but he actually is smart in real life. He’s also really gentle”.

Even before such claims, when Minho was asked how he had come to be acquainted with such big names in the industry, to their amazement, Minho confessed that all of this was also connected to Song Joong Ki and their friendship kindled during their time together on "Let's Go Dream Team 2." Back when he was still a rookie on the show, it was thanks to Song Joong Ki, who was already friends with the others, that Minho could now call them all his close friends!

Were you surprised by Minho's impressive friendships? Do you agree with his claim that Song Joong Ki is not only sexy, but also has the 'sexiest brain' among his friends? Let us know your thoughts below!

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