It's a Song-Song couple for sure in the upcoming series Descendants of the Sun! Both Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo have officially confirmed their participation in the new series from the writer of Secret Garden and Heirs.

In the series, written by famed scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook, Song Jong Ki will play a member of the UN peacekeeping troops working abroad. He meets a doctor from Doctors without Borders (Song Hye Gyo), and they fall in love as they work together in conflict zones. 

Also joining the cast are Kim Ji Won, who played mean girl Rachel in Kim Eun Sook's last drama, Heirs. She will play an army surgeon. Jin Goo has also confirmed his role as another member of the peacekeeping troops. They will also have a romantic storyline throughout the series.

This drama is aiming for epic scale, as much of the series will be shot overseas. There are also reports that this drama will be 100% pre-produced before airing, which means that they will film everything before airing the first episode. This approach is highly unusual in the Korean live-shoot system, where most dramas only have a handful of episodes complete before the series starts and continue filming as it airs. Descendants of the Sun is set to air in the fall on KBS.

What do you think of this Song-Song pairing? Are you excited for this epic series? Are you running around your house dancing and shrieking with joy now that Song Joong Ki's military comeback drama is 100% confirmed? (No? Uh...yeah, me neither...)

You can amp up your anticipation for this drama by watching City Hall, one of Kim Eun Sook's earlier dramas starring Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won: