Actor Song Joong Ki of Descendants of the Sun gave a thorough interview at a Samcheong-dong cafe Monday morning, detailing on his decision to initiate the surprise wedding announcement, marry Song Hye Gyo, follow in the footsteps of Cha Tae Hyun, a romanticist who married his first love, and more!

On his surprise marriage announcement:

“It’s true that I wished to share the wedding news after The Battleship Island premiere. But it didn’t go as planned. After deliberation, I suggested to Hye Gyo that we announce it. I feel bad for receiving (all of) the spotlight before the film premiere, but marriage is so important to me. I had been upset about the rumors about Hye Gyo and me many times. So we decided to share our story and announced the marriage. On that day, Hye Gyo and I were so nervous.”

On Song Hye Gyo

“Song Hye Gyo is my sunbae and colleague. She is so thoughtful. I learn things from her as an actor and person. We talk about (acting and life) a lot. Our values are aligned and, in that sense, we think similarly. I’m learning so much by her side. It’s awkward to call her the bride-to-be. What should I call her?

“... Some advised against marriage, explaining the inverse relationship between popularity and marriage. But (marriage) was much more important to me than potentially not disappointing the fans. It made all the difference that I would marry Hye Gyo. I thought I could spend the rest of my life with her, because she is a good person. Plus, from an early age, I didn’t want to marry too late. Everything fell into place.”

On marriage

“Marriage still doesn't feel real. People say it doesn't feel real until the day of wedding. I think our experience would be similar.

“Just this morning in the parking lot, on my way to the cafe, someone said, ‘Congratulations.’ I went to the sauna this morning and the person there also said, ‘Congratulations.’ I’m beyond thankful. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true.”

On Friends

Lee Kwang Soo texted me last night, saying, ‘You’re getting married.’ I think he had a drink or two. He sounded still shocked.

“I’m also influenced heavily by Cha Tae Hyun. I’ve always thought he’s the coolest actor in Korea. I like and admire him. I’ve learned things from him directly and indirectly. He leads a cool lifestyle. He’s family-oriented and works hard. He’s always beaming as well.”

On wedding preparation

“Of course many people would be curious. I do wish to tell you everything I discussed with my girlfriend about marriage, but please understand that we would like to keep some of the stories to ourselves.

“Right now I’m preparing for the film premiere and occasionally the wedding when I have the time. Thank you for your kinds words. We’re doing great, happily getting ready for the wedding. I’d like to thank the fans again who always cheer me up.

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