On a recent episode of Park So Hyun's Love Game, actor Song Joong Ki talked about his family and career. When he was asked about his father, he said, “I saw my father promoting Werewolf Boy to students, telling them who he was. I was shy but I also felt good.” He also added, “When I called my father after completing Nice Guy, he said that he was on his way to the set for the series for the last shooting scene. My heart was too full for words and I thought that I should become a better son to him.” He then peaked the audience's interest by mentioning an actress when he talked about how he chooses his jobs: “I choose my jobs based on quality rather than the actors I work with. That’s why I chose the TV series Tree With Deep Roots. Actually, there was an actress who I wanted to perform with but I chose the series because of its quality.” Could it have been Han Suk Kyu? (Source: www.koreandrama.com)