When he goes on stage greetings, Song Joong Ki tells his fans not to watch his new movie, A Werewolf Boy. The crowd is shocked, and then he explains why. Apparently, he had a few conversations with female students who watched his movie numerous times. When he asked why they saw his movie, his adoring fans said they just wanted to see more of him since Nice Guy is over. Considering the price of tickets to be expensive for students who watch his movies more than sixteen times—one fan watched A Werewolf Boy 35 times!—he felt obligated to tell them to stop watching his movie. The movie was released on October 31st, 2012 and has enjoyed more than 6.5 million views thanks to these students re-watching the movie. A special survey showed that a sixteen-year-old student watched the movie seventy times in the theater! How many times would you see this movie?