Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum took their bromance to the next level at Bo Gum’s fan meeting in Taiwan! On Monday, Jan. 23, 2017, the two actors played games, drew each other and, of course, flirted in front of 4,000 fans, which obviously made none of them jealous but yearn for more bromance!

“Thanks for coming to Bo Gum’s fan meeting today,” the Descendants of the Sun star said soon after he’d popped up on stage. He added that he’s been resting after the latest film project has ended.

The two old friends had so much fun at the fan meeting, perhaps more fun than the fans! They grabbed each other while playing the shooting game and, while playing with the floor cushions, Song Joong Ki gave Park Bo Gum a huge back hug as if wrestling, and the fans shouted louder at this bromance action!

During the portrait session, Park Bo Gum drew a six pack on the portrait of Song Joong Ki and told his fans, “Song Joong Ki hyung still has great abs, and I’m the only one who gets to see it!” It looks like Song Joong Ki’s chocolate abs are for Park Bo Gum’s eyes only!

Another bromance highlight was when Song Joong Ki kept touching Park Bo Gum’s face, saying, “(You’re) so cute.”

In the continued series of games, Park Bo Gum did a fantastic limbo dance and Song Joong Ki sang Always, a Descendants of the Sun OST.

By the end, the two looked at photos they’d taken together over the years and told the fans memories from each. The gorgeous black-and-white photo of the two was taken when Park Bo Gum had stopped by at Song Jong Ki’s profile photoshoot.

At the fan meeting, Song Joong Ki explained why he cried at the Drama Awards last year, after which he and Park Bo Gum received the nickname, the cry brothers.

“(I cried because) I was happy for Bo Gum’s award. It reminded me of the times when he’d doubted his acting career and when I’d received the same award five years ago,” Song Joong Ki said. Park Bo Gum thanked him, adding that he’s a good mentor especially for acting.

The Moonlight Drawn by Clouds actor finished the fan meeting with a thank you, saying, “I’m lucky to have you, who root for me even in the places I can’t see. Thanks for staying with me through my twenties.”

By the way, Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki filmed another TV commercial together this month since the Domino’s series. In this one, the bromance couple wears edgy suits as if they’re two corporate men.

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