Joss paper, also known as hell money, is normally imprinted with images of important figures from Chinese mythology, such as the ruler of Heaven in Taoism, the Jade Emperor, or recently (but rarely) deceased dignitaries, such as U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Imagine the surprise when a Song Joong Ki fan found these notes with the actor’s face imprinted on it. Filled with anger, she allegedly attacked the merchant selling it.

In Chinese culture and various Asian religions, the living burn the fake currency as offerings to their deceased loved ones to use in the afterlife. The bank notes are only burned during ceremonies and holidays honoring their ancestors.

In an effort to make more money for Tomb-Sweeping Day (Qingming festival), some dealers in China are getting creative. The vendors are taking advantage of the popularity of Song Joong Ki and his drama Descendants of the Sun by selling spirit money with his character Yoo Shi Jin on it. According to Yahoo News, the use of his face was perhaps due to his name sounding like “papers for the departed” in Chinese.

The unorthodox ghost money are imprinted with Korean writing and denominated with 50,000 won ($43). It was found sold in a packet with the traditional offerings of bank notes imprinted with the Jade Emperor.

File this under things with Song Joong Ki’s face I would respectfully rather pass on!

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