In today's day and age, identity theft is a big deal. You can never be too careful with your personal information and documents. Unfortunately, Song Joong Ki has come to experience such an ordeal first-hand; his passport photo has been posted online for all to see. The situation was made even worse due to the fact that the image clearly left other sensitive personal information visible.

On Monday, a Chinese entertainment news outlet reported that an image of Song Joong Ki's passport was leaked online for everyone to see. The pictures that began circulating online included his passport photo and other important personal information, like his Korean social security number. While no one is sure who posted the pictures, it has been speculated that a customs officer might have taken the photo when Song Joong Ki passed through immigration. 

While complete control and removal of these photos will be almost impossible, many fans have voiced their worries for Song Joong Ki and have asked those who are re-posting the image to at least blur out the personal information as a way of protecting Song Joong Ki from possible identity theft or other potential crimes.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the actor has run into problems with "leaked" documents online.  Recently, a fan of Song Joong Ki uploaded a fake marriage certificate creating quite a stir.

As Song Joong Ki continues his Asia fan meeting tour, let's hope that he is not subject to any more misfortune! 

Can you believe that someone did this?! What are your thoughts?


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