Let's say that you are a fan, no, a super fan, of Song Joong Ki. You have watched all his dramas (which of course includes Descendants of the Sun) and TV appearances, you have bought all of his memorabilia, you have gone to his fan meetings, and you may even be confident that no one can best you in Song Joong Ki trivia. What else could you do to show support for your beloved super star? Well, now you can personally go visit his hometown and childhood home! 

Visiting filming locations and other iconic K-entertainment locations is not a new phenomenon for both domestic and international fans of K-dramas. It is not a rare sight for locals to spot large tour groups passing through a previously little known destination in search of a connection with either the star or drama that has touched their hearts and entered their lives. Well, you can now add the childhood home of actor Song Joong Ki to this growing list of K-entertainment tourist destinations. 

Fans from around the world have been so enraptured by Song Joong Ki that now even his small hometown has become a international attraction!

Song Joong Ki grew up in the idyllic town of Saejeong-gol, which is in Daejeon, South Korea. The town is so small that currently there are only around 20 households inhabiting the area, and it was almost unknown before Song Joong Ki's rise to mega stardom. While Song Joong Ki's family now currently lives in Seoul, curious fans are still able to visit his childhood home, which has been opened to tourists. Luckily, the residents of Saejeong-gol have also been very welcoming to anyone who wants to come and see their town, even going so far as to put up banners and signs directing excited fans.


Would you like to go visit Song Joong Ki's hometown? Is there a drama or star-related location you absolutely want to visit? Let us know below!


Descendants of the Sun

Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

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