Stop the press, hold your breath, because Song Seung Hun is coming to DramaFever!

It is with great excitement that we announce the popular Korean actor will bring us The Player, an action thriller like no other you've seen! He will be joined by a stellar cast including (fx)'s Krystal Jung. Find out more!

Song Seung Hun will play a charming conman who leads a "crime proceeds redemption" team to take back property hidden away by criminals. His teammates include Lee Shi Un as a genius hacker, Tae Won Suk as a tough fighter, and Krystal as a fearless skilled driver.

Kang Ha Ri, the handsome conman, is described by initial synopsis as quick-witted, smart, and that his devastating good looks are matched only by his silky smooth speech.

As Song Seung Hun tells it, he signed on to the new drama because he gets to play a new character in a genre that he hasn't done before. He said, "[Kang Ha Ri] is a character who has a totally different feeling from what I’m usually like, so everything is new and exciting. I’m trying to let go of the acting style I’ve had until now. Ha Ri has a painful past, but he tries to show a bright and fun image. He pretends he’s fine and strong on the outside, but on the inside, he’s hurting on his own and full of care. Those sides are similar to me in real life.”

Already the advance photos are heightening anticipation for the new action thriller.

Here's a short clip where Song Seung Hun introduces the best mates you can't do without:

The series will have only 14 episodes, which makes one wonder if it is set up to be a seasonal series.

The Player is slated to premier on September 29.

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The Player

Starring Song Seung Hun and (Jung Soo Jung) Krystal

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Are you excited about seeing Song Seung Hun and The Player? I know I am!

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