Korean heartthrob Song Seung Hun and Chinese actress Liu Yifei appeared on a Chinese variety program a few days go. It was the first time they have appeared together since they confirmed that they're dating for real. Guess what the When a Man Loves actor said about his true feelings that surprised even the inquisitive TV hosts?

First of all, the chemistry between the two stars is real. Just look at their body language when you see them together. They met and co-starred in the movie The Third Way of Love. When Song Seung Hun confirmed the dating news, he said they kept in touch after the movie and fell in love.

One of the hosts of the Day Day Up program asked Song Seung Hun to talk about his feelings for Liu Yifei (Crystal Liu.)

Song replied via an interpreter while looking straight at Liu, “Honestly, I’m not a greedy person, but once I saw you, I realized what I really wanted to possess."

His unabashed admission got cheers all around, leaving the Chinese hosts almost speechless.

Was this how he confessed love to the beautiful Liu Yifei?

The second video shows more of what happened during the program. They came out on stage together looking very happy. He gave her a bouquet of flowers. You'll see better close-ups too.

In this video, Liu Yifei was asked if they have any communication problems because of their language barrier. She answered, "No problem at all." 

Reportedly they speak English with each other and Liu has said that Song's really good at telling "cold jokes."

Song Seung Hun later posted a photo of the lovebirds and wrote the following: 

"Feeling very happy going on a variety show together for the first time!!!!!"

(Yes, you saw that right, 5 exclamation marks!)

I can't get over how Song Seung Hun looks at Liu Yifei.

If a man ever looks at you that way, that's a man in love.

Watch Song Seung Hun in My Princess:

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