Song Seung Hun, who looks as if he never ages, turned 40 on Oct. 5! The actor celebrated in style at an upscale bar/lounge in the affluent Gangnam district of Seoul. His girlfriend Liu Yifei, the Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung couple, Shin Dong Yup, and more from his agency showed up to congratulate. 

In August, Song Seung Hun, Liu Yifei and her friends celebrated her 29th birthday.

His new drama Saimdang: Light's Diary, in which Lee Young Ae also stars, premieres January 2017.

Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei confirmed dating in August 2015. They were drawn to each other while filming The Third Way of Love, a Chinese romance film. Following the dating news, Song Seung Hun said to Liu Yifei in an interview, “Honestly, I’m not a greedy person, but once I saw you, I realized what I really wanted to possess.” 

Happy birthday, Song Seung Hun!

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