Song Seung Hun is more than ready to settle down!

The Saimdang:Light's Diary actor was interviewed on SBS' One Night of TV Entertainment today. During his interview, the timeless heartthrob was asked about his best on-screen chemistry and future marriage plans. He quickly became an A-list star with dynamic on-screen chemistry with actresses like Song Hye Gyo in Autumn In My HeartSon Ye Jin in Summer ScentKim Tae Hee in My Princess and a host of other beauties. His answer to the question of who was his best partner was so obvious. His "Of course, her" response indirectly named his The Third Love co-star and real-life girlfriend, Liu Yi Fei

What are his future plans for marriage? 

The 40 year-old star longs to be a great dad, and he even gets jealous of his friends who are already family men. "My dream is to create a happy family. I might get criticized for saying this but I wish to be a fantastic father rather than a fantastic actor. I get envious when my friends bring along their wife or kids while I go by myself when we have get-togethers."

I never knew his family dream was much bigger than his acting aspirations! His current co-star's (Lee Young Ae) happy family in real life is probably encouraging him to propose to his girlfriend soon and start his own home life. I wish him all the best!

Do you think Song is planning to marry sometime this year or next? If he marries Yiu Yi Fei, where do you think the wedding will take place? 

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Source: Via/ Image Credit: Song Seung Hun's Instagram